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Data is a very important asset of any company. When the confidentiality and integrity of data is compromised, it can lead to substantial financial losses and reputational damage. If the damage is not managed properly, it can eventually end up causing the organization’s demise. It is paramount that the IT Infrastructure containing this asset is protected.

The IT security landscape has changed dramatically over the course of the past few years. Cyber-attacks are increasing globally as well as in this region. Research firm Gartner, in a press statement, mentioned that they are “expecting demand for security products and services to be driven by the persistent threat landscape and influenced by the increasingly targeted and evolving attack patterns that are growing in sophistication”.

G Data Advanced Security Monitoring Service

G Data’s Advanced Security Monitoring Service provides alerts and notifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for organisations that require constant security monitoring of its critical assets and infrastructure. The service is being delivered by highly-trained and industry certified IT security professionals with substantial experience in Managed Security Services using industry-recognized technologies and processes.

The service delivers regular reports to track the progress of incidents and provides trending and historical analysis of all issues seen in the clients critical assets.

Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting Service

G Data’s Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting Service provides clients with a cost-effective solution to comprehensively assess the security posture of critical networks, servers and endpoint assets. It will support organisations in understanding the level of exposure they have from infrastructure to internal and external threats.

The service will help them stay compliant to regulatory requirements for vulnerability identification and resolution. Operational reports with recommendations are available on how threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated, along with executive reports that provide trending analysis based on historical scans to inform the organisation’s management team of the current security maturity of their environment with regards to vulnerability resolution. Regulatory compliance reports required and specified by the clients can be provided as well. .

Universal Log Management Service

G Data’s Universal Log Management Service provides a critical service for your audit trail and regulatory compliance. Industry standards, such as ISO 27001 and PCI, mandate businesses to archive logs that are forensically thorough and readily available for audit reporting. G Data supports the organisation’s log retention policy and compliance adherence to log collection, storage and reporting without the management overhead and capital investment required for this enterprise solution. G Data’s Universal Log Management Service assists in Application Management, Usage and User Management, Change Management, Network and Infrastructure Management, Troubleshooting, Reporting and Virtualisation Management. .