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Clinic Management System Modules

The clinic management system manages all the data related to outpatients. The whole process and procedures are tracked and recorded to enhance the staffs and physician’s ability to view and analyze each patient’s data. Lab reports, tests, vital metrics related to the patient are integrated into system. The system also manages drug consumptions and prescriptions together with making the billing and payment fast and effortless.

All data and metrics from the registration of a patient until the discharge are monitored and stored using the system. Demographics, Personal data of patients, vital reports are all at a fingertip for physicians and staffs to analyze and view. By this way, the long and hectic process becomes easy and rapid. Real-time metrics helps to view what the patient’s status is and since it integrated to the other modules, the drug intakes, lab tests are also brought to the same platform.

Automate or semi-automate the discharge summary creation at the end of a patient’s treatment. The generation of the summary becomes fast and accurate because of the use of predefined and accessible data, which reflects the symptoms, findings, diagnosis of the patient, also records related therapies, treatments, etc. Recommendations and procedures to be followed after discharge are made easy to find and understand.

Real-time management of tests, reports, records and activities. Digitalize the laboratory, by sorting and organizes the data into formats that can be utilized in the future. Integrated billing generation speeds up the process of overall payment done by the patient.

Whole Pharmacy management can be overseen through this module of Clinic Management System. Moreover, it very well may be connected to the patient track record. As patient gathers medicines, their charges will naturally move to the patient’s bill. Also, the pharmacy management helps to analyze distribution and management of stock. By this way, the inventory is kept at a sustainable state with no false values/distribution.

Proper use of EMR ensures that paper-based storages are reduced in amount and each data is preserved and kept accurate till its end of use. EMR can be managed to be accessed by authorized personnel and system provides a single channel view of multiple records related to the patient or be customized as per physician’s requirement.

Simply HR and Payroll management using the Clinic Management system through tracking, scheduling, management of different Payroll activities such as duty time, shifts, attendance, disbursement process and more. Each individual is connected on a common platform to indicate their related data. Efficiency, both in data handling and time is acquired through this module.

This module in the Clinic management system is a complete solution for all financial management and analysis. It deals with all accounting activities related to payments, receipts, purchases, general ledger and more. A single portal through which all expenses, revenue can be monitored and analyzed for future improvements. The client requested scalability helps to allocate necessary traits into the system..


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