Chatbot Development


What Gives Chatbots their Personality

Having a character makes bots more appealing to people. Chatbots can be trained to express their personality through language. Bot UX designers feed in responses that project empathy, anticipating all possible directions of a conversation. They are also built with the capability to learn from the conversations they make.

Based on the application, bots can be made to sound somber or to express moods. For instance, an investment advisor bot may be more ‘serious’ than an eCommerce bot. A personal assistant chatbot may give emotional responses when told something ‘hurtful’.

Examples of Chatbot Applications in Enterprises

  • An eCommerce chatbot helps a customer identify and shop for a product by engaging in question-answer interaction influenced by the customer’s browsing pattern.
  • A person who wishes to travel can visit an airline website and interact with its chatbot to find the right flight and book tickets. The bot answers to related queries and provide personalized recommendations and offers on hotels, tourist attractions if programed to do so.
  • An employee in a business firm can inquire details such as company policies, vacation and holiday details, medical insurance and travel allowance details to a virtual office assistant chatbot integrated with other applications in the enterprise.

Bot Development Platforms

  • IBM Watson
  • Amazon Lex
  • Azure Bot Services
  • Oracle Intelligent Bots